Friday, March 01, 2013

My first sampling box experience - Vellvette Box - Feb '13

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I have been a long time fan of BirchBox, Ispy, Beauty Bar, Glossy Box in the US and was waiting when would it start in India. Many attempted to start it but failed (I am not mentioning them here). Then I came across Vellvette who had the same concept. I was sceptical to try them as I was uncertain about how stable would they be. 

Gradually I came across happy customers receiving their boxes regularly and sharing their anecdotes. I wanted to give it a try. INR399/- (one month subscription  didn't seem to be a big amount. But being human ( No, no, I am not promoting Salman Khan's merchandise) I got greedy. I wanted to take calculated risk and didn't want to end up with sachets of some random creams, veils of perfume that I would not use as a room freshener too, some terrible looking nail colors or tiny winy bottle of toners/cleaners. 

Then came February , the month of love. I got a sneak peak email from Vellvette about their Valentine Spl box would have cosmetics. My antennas and receivers are all activated when I hear cosmetics and it could be the effect of love in the air, I enrolled for the Feb Box on 5th Feb 2013. I got my box on 28th Feb 2013. Ofcourse I was disappointed as I got my box after the whole world has got it and where going gaga over it all over the net :( 

However, here's what I got!
The famous Vellvette Box but with the red ribbon for the special occasion rather the usual golden one.

I unpacked it like this. Wow! Now that's some effect team Vellvette. Kudos. 

My goodies!!! Yepiieeeee..

  1. Purely Pro Powder Blush - Strawberry
  2. Figs and Rouge Aloe and Mint - Lip, face, hand and body balm ( Basically all purpose balm)
  3. Lancome - Cleanser. 
Since I was one of the last ones to receive the box, by now I had read all the girls screaming out what they had got in their boxes. My observation was there were 2 shades of the blush Strawberry and Universal and every damn body got one of it.Also everyone who screamed , screamed Fig and Rouge Balm. Third product was either a Lancome Cleanser like mine or a new product called OFRA - Cleanser or a Toner. 

So if you haven't really got your box yet, you know the probability of what you getting. (Very less chances as its time to order the March Box :) )

Purely Pro - Blush 

About the blush

Pourely Pro - Blush - Strawberry

This pic will give you an idea of the size of the product.

Purely Pro Powder Blush - Strawberry - is full size blush. (Here is your paisa wasool of INR 399/- ) Where do you get a good quality blush for this price? Its a light pink blush with gold shimmer. 
Lucky me , I didnt have a shade like this. The color closest to this from my blush collection is MAC Mocha but again its a matte color and this has shimmer. I am happy :) 
Lip, face, hand & body balm

Figs and Rouge - Aleo and Mint Balm

All about the product

This pic will give you an idea of the size of the product.

Figs and Rouge Aloe and Mint - Lip, face, hand and body balm - Full size again. (Paisa vasool plus bonus). Its a all purpose balm. It is minty and smooth. It reminds me this chocolate called After Eight which has a thin film of melted mint filled into thin wafers of chocolates.I am not very fond of the chocolate but I love this balm. 
Lancome - Gentle softening cleansing for face & eyes

All about the product

This pic will give you an idea of the size of the product.
 Lancome - Cleanser. - Sampler size (S**t...Yeah dil mange more. Need full size :) ) . It says its gentle softening cleansing for face and eyes. Basically Cleanser hain.

Instruction cards and Discount Cards

This is a magnetic sticker. 

Here is the magnet

Then I got a whole of these cards. Details of the product. How to use them. Discount on full size products. 

Well my thoughts. Blush I will never buy again. This will last me forever. I love the balm I may buy it. Lancome cleanser, I havn't tried so cant say right now. But why not. 

Overall thoughts : Overall it was a fantastic deal. It was a STEAL!!!! Being a marketing professional myself I was very impressed with their marketing move. By making Feb Box a special one I am sure they will have a lot of regular subscribers than ever. The magnetic sticker will be a great brand recall tool too. I would want to get one for myself too.They are doing a great job and I hope they continue to do so.