Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Organize your Junk Jewellery . Here is what I do.

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"Oh! I think I have a turquoise stone pendant that was gifted by my aunt from Singapore" 

" Where on earth is the other piece of my favorite marcasite earring?!?!?!? Bo...ho....ho... I want to wear them Today" 

" I think I must wear the long owl pendant chain that I picked from Accessorize last month. Gosh it must lying in the drawer somewhere"

Sounds familiar? This would happen to me many a times. Plus I would end up either losing some stuff or breaking it. Organizing is the key. I know , who has the time and all that. But its worth it. 

Staying in a city like Mumbai space is another constrain. We do not have the luxuries of keep them in huge dressers. All I get is half a drawer to keep it all. 

Here is how I do it. Its simple. No rocket science and fun to do it to. ( I love to admire my loot/ collection/ treasure) 

I have picked these transparent plastic boxes with dividers. I prefer them transparent as I can see what I exactly want. You may even use a DIY box with dividers that can be moved. 
 I mainly like to categorize  the jewellery as per the functionality.  For Eg: Large Statement rings, small delicate rings, small daily use studs (earrings) , pendants and so on. 

Check the pics below for some more idea on the same. 

All my statement rings are stashed together. 

My big and little traditional earrings come together in some slot. 

All my daily wear studs and small earrings are kept together for easy access. 

The really long and special earrings get a corner of their own. 

All my lovely cutesy pendants sit together.

I have another box like this where I keep my daily wear sets together. I organize them as per color and type. For Eg; My Emerald and marcasite set, my silver blue topaz set and so on. 

Again the pictures below will illustrate the idea better. 

 Now comes the daily wear bracelets, bangles and kadas. I have huge bangle box where has all sort of bangles in all possible colors. But those are only occasional wears. Those measly , delicate and special trinklets need special care and attention. 

Everyone remembers the Kingfisher airlines transparent pouches with red lining that almost every Indian urban household had at one time and some still do. I had collected so many of them. they were great organizers. 

Here is how I used them for my daily use bracelets, kadas and bangles. You may also use other alternatives like these. 

Now the real delicate and cute chains. I dont like to hand them on a hook. Come on,they need more TLC (Tender Love and Care) 

Get those transparent boxes and keep them safe. Something like this. 

Hey have we forgotten the latest trend these days? Those large statement necklaces that we keep hoarding from any where we spot them. 

How do you organize them? Here is what I do. 

Here is my unorganized chunky statement neck pieces. 

I use simple cardboard boxes. This one is from one of the beauty samplers. 

Just curl the necklaces into the box and pile them up. They will stay put without getting inter wined and will occupy much lesser space. It will not contact the humid air / pollution outside too. You can choose to separate the pieces by placing a piece of butter paper in between too. 

Here is how it will look. 
For the small not so prominent looking yet very important stuff like the push backs of earrings and others could be stored carefully in those cute mint boxes that we don't even think of before we chuck them in the bin. 

Something like this. 

And here is my all my stuff in just a few boxes. Occupying very little place. 

Hope you like this post helpful. Happy organizing :) 
Please do share your idea of "organizing".