Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review - Perfume Gucci by Gucci EDT

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Here I come with my second review of a perfume. By now you must have guessed I was running out of perfumes and I went on a shopping spree to buy fragrances. 

My latest buy is Gucci by Gucci. Its not the Gucci classic perfume. I have that one too and review it sometime. I was very happy with my Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Gioia , which is my anytime go to perfume for day. Its more Aqua and Jasmine , so apt for day and for spring/ summer. As the winters set sails I was looking for a more intense, floral, woody and spicy fragrances for the gloomy days. 

Intercraft, Baccarose announced their annual Christmas sale with 35% off of many perfume brands. I visited them and ended up buying Gucci by Gucci. I got it for a steal. 

Official mix of fragrance (Acqua di Gioia  by Giorgio Armani) is:

Top notes - Guava , Pear
Middle notes - Lily if the valley ,Neroli
Base notes - Patchouli, Musk and Honey

What I smell ( In order of strongest note)

Lily, Fruit, Musk, Honey, Wood , Spice 

My take on the perfume

This is my third Gucci perfume. I think I have a liking for Gucci perfumes. They are very me. 
I have used Gucci Envy and and I am using Gucci EDP , my favorite evening wear. All there are very different from each other and are meant for different times and occasions. 

Gucci by Gucci is very day to night perfume with warm tones that are meant for autumn and winter. It has fantastic floral and fruity fragrances for the day and musky, sweet, woody fragrance for the night. The top/ middle and base notes are so distinct that they make the perfume for mysterious and sophisticated. Its a perfume made for woman in their 30s and above (like me ;)). Also woman in the corporate world who would want an intense perfume may like this. Overall a very warm and cozy perfume. 

The longevity if the perfume is moderate with about 6-8 hours. The top note lasts a good 2 hours post that one gets only the middle and base notes. 

The sillage of the perfume is moderate too. About arms length. I do not like perfumes that are overpowering  and can be fill in the entire room. 

Price: INR 4000/- ( I got it for INR 2600) 

Quantity: 50ml

From Intercraft Baccarose Annual Christmas Sale at BKC

Have you used this perfume? Is Gucci your brand for perfumes?