Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY - Homemade Lip Scub in less than 10 bucks and 3 mins

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Its winter time!! Well in mumbai I cannot claim much of it but I am loving the pleasant mornings and cool breezy nights. But my sensitive and super dry skin are the first to know that its winter approaching. While my skin gets stretchy, dry and needs extra dollop of moisturizer and a extra nourishing night cream , my lips too get chapped and need some TLC. Specially the outer corners of my lips turn harder and dull. Matt lipstick look really bad on the lips. 

A good lip scrub goes a long way. There are many brands that have yummy smelling, lip smacking flavors of lip scrub. But they all come with a a big price tag. Why spend the big buck when you can make a lip scrub in less than 10 bucks and in 3 mins flat. 

What do you need? 

  • Sugar - 1tsp ( smaller the granule better it is)
  • Vaseline - 1tsp
  • Bowl - 1
  • Spatula/ spoon - 1 

Got them all at home easily? Now lets begin. 

Oh, its isn't a recipe to note down. Just mix the sugar and Vaseline in the bowl with the spatula. And you are done. Less than 3 minutes actually isn't it?   

Now just pick a small portion on your index finger and go **scrub scrub scrub** on your lips for about a minute. Be gentle on the lips. Too harsh rubbing can hurt. 

Still left with some more scrub in the bowl?? Use them to scrub your dry elbows and ankles or simply store it in a small cutsie box for you to use it next week. 

Now isn't that simple? You may may many variation in the mixture. Add honey, add essential oils, use ground sea salt instead of sugar. 

**Result** - Super soft lips . Dry dead skin gone by scrubbing. Lips super moisturized with Vaseline

What your simple DIY lip scrub idea??