Thursday, December 05, 2013

Review - Perfume Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani for women - EDP

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Getting ready for a date/ meeting/ office/ wedding reception/ party?? 

My checklist

ü  Dress/ Outfit
ü  Footwear
ü  Perfume
ü  Jewellery
ü  Makeup 
ü  Bag/ Purse

Who doesn't love perfumes? And being a woman you can't resist it. 

I believe a good perfume is an accessory. One cannot walk out of the house with it. In the checklist Perfume is certainly in the order of priority given above. It's not about smelling bad. A good shower can save you from that embarrassment but a good perfume can make you the subject of discussion or even the attraction of the day. It often turns out to be an ice breaker in a gathering or a topic of gossip by the envious noses. Well most girls will agree :)  

This is my first attempt at reviewing a perfume and I have expressed my take on this perfume. I am not the subject expert but I can give my honest opinion as a user. 

Read on....

Official mix of fragrance (Acqua di Gioia  by Giorgio Armani) is:

Top notes - Citrus, Mint
Middle notes - Jasmine Pink pepper, Peony
Base notesViginia Cidar , French Labdanum, Sugar 

What I smell ( In order of strongest note)

Citrus , Mint , Jasmine, Sugar, Cedar

My take on the perfume: 

This is the first time I picked a Giorgio Armani Perfume for myself. I was almost running out of day wear perfumes and I had to get one asap. My general go to, day wear perfumes are Davidoff Cool Waters, Isimiyaki Classic, Victoria's Secret Bombshell. (Yes, by now you have guessed I like aquatic, floral and citrus as my favorite notes. 

The moment I sniffed this perfume, it was mine. Its totally my kind of perfume. Some may find it a little strong at the base note but I love the perfume to sillage well at least at arms length. That's the reason I picked an EDP instead of EDT. Very few perfumes are found in EDP. This is one of the very  few EDPs I have used. I am completely sold that I am an EDP person specially for a day wear. 

The perfume stays on for a good 12 hours easily on me. Well the top notes fade away after about couple of hours but the base note stay on for long. This I think works superb for me. I always has complaints that my perfumes do not stay long at all. By the time its 4-5 hours I don't smell the perfume on my skin at all. This composition works well for me. I will definitely keep this in mind for any of my future buys. 

Price: INR 5400

Qty: 100ml

From Shoppers Stop Mumbai

In the coming posts I will share my views on different terminologies of perfumes, how to choose a perfume for yourself, how to apply perfume for best results etc 

Do drop in a note if you want me to talk anything specific about perfumes.