Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vellvette + Elizabeth Arden 'Prevage' Preview Party

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I must confess that everytime I get emails in my mailbox from Vellvette I get very excited. The reason could be that every communication from them is a pleasant surprise. Like the cutesy little black box that brings in joy ,worth whole months wait even the emails come with some event notification or some sneak peek to the month’s surprise in the box.

I got a pop in my mail box on 5th of this month that this time Vellvette in association with Elizabeth Arden has organised a preview party (smoothing like a soft launch) for a selected few Vellvette members. Tadaaaa....my favourites meter started.

One, I was addressed as selected few, privileged, exclusive...etc. My ego massaged baby. I am yours and I am coming.

Two, did you say ‘PARTY’? Can I shake a booty too ;)  

Three, its Elizabeth Arden, isn’t it Mariyln Monroe’s beauty secret? 
Well all in all, I had to be there.

But we all grew up seeing Bollywood movies where every great love story has a larger than life villain. In my love story with beauty products it was only my procrastination (coincidently could also be my second name) that stopped me from blocking my seats.

But we all believe in angels. Don’t we? Harleen from Vellvette called me on 11th, morning asking me if I was joining them at the event. I said I want to, but I haven’t registered yet. Then she broke the news to me. ‘All seats blocked’. Oh...but I was just about to block a seat. Duhhhh.... I missed the bus. But it was an angelic call, I told you. She said she could block a seat for me if I was planning to come. I sprang up and grabbed it with both hands. ‘Ofcourse, I am coming.’

I reached the venue about 15 minutes late. Was warmly welcomed by Vineeta the co-founder and the brain behind Vellvette. I see about 8-10 lovely ladies seated and attentively listening to a representative from Elizabeth Arden talking very passionately about EA’s new range of products called Prevage.

 Prevage is an exclusive luxury range which has been introduced to fight premature aging of skin due to various reasons like pollution, stress and current environment. It has a fleet of products under its umbrella from moisturisers, day serums, sun screen to serum for eyelashes and brows. This range has the famous Idebenone Technology which is the most powerful antioxidants available today, which has achieved an EPF rating of 95. What I particularly liked about the range is the entire range is for anti-aging and concentrates on antioxidant. Doesn’t diversify and confuse.

I happened to see, feel and test the products while EA team was explaining us the benefits of the products. We discussed about these products and also compared with our currently used products. And I secretly planned to replace it with EA. Too bad for the current products, they didn’t call me for an event. Talk about brand loyalty. A few products that caught my eye were:

Prevage Anti-aging + Intensive Repair daily serum

Prevage Anti-aging eye serum

Prevage Clinical Lash and Brow enhancing serum

Prevage Anti-aging daily Serum

Prevage Triple Defense Shield Broad Spectrum SPF50

Prevage Anti-aging moisture cream broad spectrum sunscreen SPF30

Prevage Anti-aging moisture lotion broad spectrum sunscreen SPF30

Prevage Anti-aging overnight cream

Prevage Anti-aging eye cream SPF15

Prevage Anti-aging hydrating fluid

We had small quiz round and 2 winners were given a full size of Prevage Anti-aging daily Serum. I obviously didn’t win, else that’s the first you would read on this post and probably see a pic of mine jumping like a maniac :P
Now came our favourite, food and gossip. I am sure no will deny. After all what’s a hens party without food and a whole lots of gossip.

‘Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost’. We were handed over 2 bag of goodies each. One from Vellvette and other from EA. Wow!! It was a feeling I got when I would get back from a friend’s birthday party with return gifts. Awesome goodies!! I will be reviewing the EA products soon.

We also got to sign our thoughts on a huge paper which will be a part of the Vellvette Dairy records. Cute!!

We parted after this group picture. Ahhh.. All’s well that ends well...indeed.