Sunday, May 05, 2013

My Vellvette Box April 2013

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I know. I am late. I maybe the last blogger to put up about the April Vellvette box. 

We are already 5 days into May. But it had a situation to tackle, had to travel away for more than 2 weeks and I just got back yesterday and here I am blogging away. 

Oh I promise to be more connected next time , even if I travel. 

Ok, lets continue. 

The April Vellvette Box!! Frankly I was very excited about the box when I saw the sneak peek of the palette. I was wondering what else was for me?  

But my excitement dip low, read further how!!

Here is what I got in my box.

  1. Motives - Lip and Eye Palette - Mardi Gras - Full Size (Staple in every April Box) 
  2. Mary Kay - extra emollient night cream - Sampler 
  3. Max Factor - 3 in 1 Flawless Foundation - Light Ivory - Sampler - 2 pouches
Motives - Lip and Eye Palette

Mary Kay - extra emollient night cream

Max Factor - 3 in 1 Flawless Foundation - Light Ivory 
Some more pics: 

Eye Shadows - Top 3 - Moss Green , Peach and Violet
Lip Colours-Bottom Left and Centre-Reddish Brown,Maroonish Brown,Dirty Orange,Peachy Pink.
Lip Gloss - Bottom right - Black and Sheer.  

Discount Coupon and Write up on each product on the box. 

My thoughts on the box:

Since I was travelling and I got my box about 15 days late in my hand. I am among the curious lot and I googled all the possible blogs about the April box.  

  • Many had the Lush sampler in it too who won the contest Vellvette was running in April. I didn't win that too. Too bad :( (-1)
  • The Lip and Eye palette was common in all boxes but the other stuff varied in each boxes. (+1)
  • Mary Kay - Night cream will be a good try. I will definitely try it. I also notices that (+1)
  • Max Factor foundation - Firstly I don't think its a luxury product. Secondly it is such a waste. I don't use a foundation Vellvette. I have to either chuck it or find some one with Ivory beige skin tone to give it to. Very disappointed :( (-1)
  • I did see a few with Max Factor full size Nail Polish, Max Factor full size Lipsticks and Natures Co Body wash in some boxes. I wish they had sent me one of those :( (-1)
Overall April Vellvette Box rating: 
(Wow , Lovely , Nice , Fine , Whatever ,Yuck)


How would you rate your April box? Leave a comment below. 

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