Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A day of super pampering, all in 90 bucks.

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This was yet another day when I get into the self pity mode of having ignored myself and I decide to pamper me to the T. But this was even better, my mission ‘pamper yourself ‘was successful and all I shelled out was a mere 90 bucks. I know the reactions would be; how, what, where, is that possible?? Let me take you back about a week ago where it all started. One busy Monday morning I got an email from Vellvette.com with an invitation for a personalised work shop with Clarins. It was a special invitation for a limited few with all the lovely things written to make me feel I am the chosen one. Me being full of myself and the self sympathetic one, how could I let this chance go? I enrolled immediately for it with a registration fee of INR 500 which was refundable in full at the venue on the day of the event. Start your math here. This evens upto zero :P

Unlike other weekends where I take most of the time deciding what to do on Saturday or Sunday evenings my Saturday evening plan was set. I had to get to Palladium, Lower Parel by 4.30pm for the session.  It was 3.00pm already and me still contemplating what to wear. It was warm sultry afternoon and totally discouraging me to even peep out of the window. But I had a date, with the love of my life, beauty product/cosmetics. It’s only love that drives your world. I was running late. Driving from the northern suburbs of Mumbai would guarantee me reaching late. Taking a cab would have just about 50% chances me reaching nearing time. The third option was the lifeline of Mumbai, Mumbai Local (Trains) which would not only guarantee I was there on time but would even give me a few extra minutes to have a sneak peek at the other luring stores showing off their post sales spring collection. Option 3 it was. I headed straight to the railway station in an auto rickshaw with minimum meter fare.

Math time:

Home to Station – auto rickshaw - 15 bucks.
Train ticket to LowerParel station 10 bucks.
Taxi from station to Palladium - 20 bucks.

Total so far = 45 bucks

Guess what? I reached at 4.00pm.I had a good 30 minutes before the session. Time for some peak -a boo into the other luring stores. I walked into to Kiehl’s which displayed “ Take 5 samplers with 5 minutes of consultation” I was introduced to a varied range of products that would work wonders on my skin in a quick 10 minutes consultation by a pleasant young man. And he handed me a whole lot of samplers while parting. I so love samplers. More than the products the packaging entices me. And anything that that comes free is welcome. :P

At 4.30pm I reached Clarins store where the session was planned. I was greeted and welcomed by the team of Vellvette and Clarins. After a quick analysis of my skin type and concerns we got started. I realised we were just 5 participants in the session and each of us had one Clarins representative attending to us. Wow! Now this was some individual attention. We had a friendly Clarins rep lead the DIY session and we all followed her like good girls following the art teacher. It started with make-up removing, face cleansing, toning, hydrating mask for face and eyes, anti aging serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and under eyes cream. Phewwww..... It was an hour long DIY SPA. At the end of it each of looked like 5 lamp posts standing, gleaming with the glow on our faces. Needless to say we felt like we had a good session of mediation or something. We were so relaxed that we refused to get out of our chairs but were urged to make place for the second session participants. Reluctantly we moved towards the well displayed counters to have a look at all the magic potions that just created magic on us.

And there was more to coming our way. We were given some lovely goodies from Clarins team and one more set of goodies form Vellvette team very cutely customised and packaged for us.  We then posed for the shutter bug showing off our newly acquired glow and radiance. Just when I thought ok now it’s time to leave, it was ‘picture abhi baaki hain mere dost’! The Vellvette team invited for a high tea at the Moshe’s Cafe. Wow! How did they know I was hungry? They sure ensured they satisfied all my senses, after the aromatic spa like treatment it was gastronomy now.

Over some freshly baked stuffed bagel, chips, coffee and chocolate tarts, it turned out to be a tête-à-tête with the founder, editor and crew of Vellvette. I was enjoying the entire conversation with likeminded and passionate people. I was anyway very fond of the whole idea of sampling beauty products it was a pleasure to understand, how the whole team gets together to make those special surprise boxes we wait for every month.  I must say it is some effort and it’s a humongous task to hit the rate of happy customers consistently. With the onset of advanced communication systems, the world has shrunk and everybody knows what the other box has. It was over an hour and the party was still on. It was only when we had to make space for the second session participants that we pulled ourselves out of the comfortable chairs. After exchanging a few byes and pleasantries I set to get back.

Taking a taxi back would mean a good hour and half ride to the suburbs at a time when all the vehicles in Mumbai are on the roads. The horrid peak hours of the city. Option two, local train and I get home in 30 minutes. I am a sucker for discounts :P I chose to take the train. Headed straight out of the mall hailed a taxi and was at Lower Parel station in less than 8 minutes. Another 25 minutes train ride. Station to home by auto rickshaw.  23 minutes to be precise :P

Math time again:

Palladium to Station – taxi - 20 bucks.
Train ticket - 10 bucks.
Auto rickshaw from station to home – 15 bucks.
Total = 45 bucks + 45 bucks (to journey)

That makes it a day well spent is just 90 bucks??

When was the last time you spend less than the cost of a McDonald meal for an awesome day??