Monday, February 03, 2014

MAC Cosmo Lipstick

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My last post asked you to guess the shade of the lipstick I got in Back to MAC. Yes it is the cult favorite lipstick from MAC Cosmo. I think there would hardly be anyone who wouldn't like this lipstick or would simple ignore it. 

Its a lipstick you don't have to think before wearing. It will go with anything. A perfect day wear for light and effortless look. Also can be a perfect evening lipstick with dramatic eyes. You can wear it to office or to a brunch with friends. 

The color is a gorgeous mauvish dirty pinkish. It suits every skintone. It glides like a dream and moisturizers the lips very well. Lasts for a good 6-7 hours if not touched. Later fades evenly leaving a beautiful tint behind. 

It looks great with dramatic / smokey eyes. Coz it looks very natural on the lips. Its not as nude as bare skin yet natural and yourself. 

It is amplified formula which is know for its superb pigmentation and moisturizing qualities. It also leaves a lovely tint on the lips while fading evenly. 

This is how it looks on me. Simple na?!?

Summing up:

  • Great color. Perfect for day or night.
  • Wonderful formula
  • Moisturising
  • Fades evenly and leave a light tint.