Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick - Rossetto 22

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I had been reading many reviews about Rimmel and more so about the Kate Moss lipstick series. I always wanted to buy one but somehow missed out at it. I barely remember casually discussing about it with my bestie about it. But she heard me very carefully and remembered it too.  And Viola! she gets a whole lot of goodies from Rimmel and of course the Kate Moss lippie. Awww.... bestie is a bestie for life. They love you, take care of you, understand you, put up with your tantrums and they are there for you always.

Coming to the lippie. Its a gorgeous red color with a bright visible pink/fuchsia to it. On first look it looks red with warm undertone but, on second look and as it fades it emits this wonderful cool fuchsia undertone to it. I like the multi tone effect this color has.

The packaging is chic. Its black matte bullet with Kate Moss <3 printed on it in bright pink. I so love the whole look of it. Functionality is like a normal lippie so practical and travel friendly too.

How the product worked for me:

I am in love! The color is to die for. Its a gorgeous shade of red with a bright pink hue. Highly pigmented. Its one of the best lippie formulae I have come across. You wear it on and forget about it. No drying. No chapping. It moisturises lips all the time. Lasts a good 5-6 hours intact unless one eats and drinks. Even after munching and sipping it fades evenly but still leaves a tint behind, and it doesn't dry up too. It works for dry lips of mine. What I like the best of the texture of the lippie. It's super light film on the lips and glides like a dream. It is a wonderful product to own. 

What I like about Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick - Rossetto 22
  1. Color. Very unique
  2. Formula
  3. Non Drying
  4. Long lasting
  5. Fades evenly
  6. Pocket friendly and Value for money

What I don't like about Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick - Rossetto 22
  1. I am in love! What could I hate about it?

Overall rating: 5/5

Price: INR 250/- ( Isn't it superb value for money considering all the cosmetics soaring up their prices sky high off late) 

I am certainly trying other colors in this range. 

This is how it looks on me. 

Can you spot the pink hues in the gorgeous red? 

After 5-6 hours, including munching and sipping.