Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Review - La Splash Mascara – Blue

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What makeup freaks you out? What makeup you secretly desire to use sometime? What makeup you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?
Here is a list of makeup I think I weird. What’s on your weird makeup list?

Black Gothic Lips, Vampire inspired contact lenses, Pink Doll Hair, Yellow lips. I find all of these extremely repulsive. It will scare the wits out of me if I spot one. I am always for a classic and safe when it comes to makeup but everyone as their crazy streaks.

But then I thought its ok to push a little and maybe wear blue mascara. I always wanted to try one. But never ever wanted to buy and invest in one, coz I wasn’t sure I would use it more than once. Last month I got one in the Vellvette box. I was pleasantly surprised I must say.

LA Source Mascara in Blue. LA Splash is a US brand. I had not heard of it before this.
Here is my take on the product.

The color of the mascara is cobalt blue. Matte finish and not shine or sparkle to it.

LA Source Mascara comes in a plastic tube with an inbuilt brush. The Brush is thinner compared to regular mascara wands. The spikes on the brush are the hard types, almost like comb and not bristle of a brush. It’s super flexible too, making application very easy. The container of the mascara is translucent, so easy to spot packaging. I like it that way. The wand (top) is light matte gold in color.

How it worked on me? I wore it on and was floored with the blue effect it created. It was such a cool thing to wear. Then I continued with rest of my makeup. And what do I see? My blue eyelashes are no more blue and plain Jane black. How?? I reapplied the color and got back my blue. But again in about 5 mins it was black. I was now sure that the color blue remains only till it’s wet on the lashes. It dries up to black normal mascara. What a disappointment?!?!?!?!?!

Lasting power of the mascara that’s turned black stays on for over 5-6 hours. When you take the mascara off with a remover it is blue on the cotton swab. But it simply doesn’t serve the purpose.

What I like about La Splash Mascara – Blue:
  1. 1.       Nice packaging
  2. 2.       Very good brush
  3. 3.       Color of the mascara – Cobalt

What I don’t like about La Splash Mascara – Blue:
  1. 1.       Simply doesn’t perform its basic task of giving the blue tint to the lashes. What a duhhhh......
Mascara when wet on the lashes

Mascara when dried on the lashes

Overall rating: 1/5 ( 1 for the fantastic brush they have provided)

Price: INR 750 ( I got mine in the Vellvette Box July)