Friday, August 23, 2013

How to pick a Mascara that suits you.

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What are your must haves in a mascara? 

What things in a mascara make a perfect mascara for you?

Let me list down my favorites as per priority.

Formula: Depending on how you want to  groom your lashes you may choose the formula. Dark and thicker formula give intense dark and bold look to the eyes. I prefer this look for an evening dramatic look.
The second is the everyday , daytime look with separated ,longcurled lashes. This is a more subtle and softer look. One can achieve it with thinner formula and lighter shade of mascara.

Thickness: Its the key points I look in a mascara. I like my mascara not very thick at the same time not runny. It has to be just right. Too thick formula makes application difficult and clumps up the lashes. It gives a chunky look which I am not too fond of. The other extreme is a runny mascara. These mascara though easy to apply tend to fallout. A slightest blink and you have tiny dots under your eyes. Therefore the thickness of the mascara is the key.

One such mascara that I have found is the L'Oreal Volume Million Mascara. This was also voted the best mascara in Vogue Beauty Awards 2013.

Color: Mascaras are not restricted to Black , blacker or blackest these days. There is no dearth of shades and textures available in the market. From various shades of black to varied colors of blue, green and some even more dramatic hues. Textures also vary from shiny to shimmery and glossy. Check my review of LaSplash Blue Mascara here.

Brush: This is a vital aspect of picking a mascara and its application. Mascara brushes are available in various shapes and sizes. But what matters is how easy it makes its application. Too long wand and brushes can get pokey and color your nose too. Too short may not be comfortable to hold. Bristles at the end of the brush tip will help in separating the lashes and reach the corners. Curved brushes make curling of the lashes easy. The softness or hardness of the bristles also matter. Soft bristles pick the mascara better whereas harder bristles hold the curl better. One needs to pick the right balance.

Longitivity or staying power: Just coloring of the lashes will not serve the purpose, what we love is the curling of the lashes that adds to the drama. A good mascara should have glue to hold the curl of the lashes for a long time without falling flat too soon.

Dryness: Most mascaras have a shelf life of 3 to 6 months. I am unhappy to discard it everytime. But what erks me most is when it dries away much before its expiry time. 

Value for money: Since the shelf life of a mascara is very short I would want them priced appropriately. They can choose to pack them in smaller quantity but certainly cheaper in price.

I have reviewed 4 different mascara here.

5th coming soon. Sneak Peek here. 

Let me know what is your favorite among these. Have you tried any of these?