Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Review - The Body Shop – Mini Brush kit

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I am proudly someone who loves to carry my world with me. At any point of the time my bag will have from a safety pin to a mini medical kit. How could I ever miss out on my favourite makeup? Ideally I would wish to get all my makeup stuff in 2 sizes, a full size and a miniature. But sigh......... not possible with all make up stuff. However I collect a whole lot of miniature perfumes for my travels and also collect the sample mini bottle of my favourite skin care products and save it for my travels. Brushes are something that are big and cumbersome to carry. One ought to have a travel size for it too. 

I had stopped the right one for me at The Body Shop and was waiting for their sales to begin. As soon as it was on I hit the store and got myself a Mini Brush Kit. It have the quintessential cute miniature brushes in it. 
1.      1 Mini blush brush
1.      2 Mini eye shadow applicator
1.       3 Mini slanting eye shadow shader
1.       4 Mini lip color applicator (comes with a plastic transparent protective cover)
     All these lovely cuties are packed coyly in a black nylon pouch which folds in three and secured with velcro at the edges. It has an inbuilt mirror of about 1x2 inches in size, horizontally placed on top of the pouch above the brushes. It has a small pouch on the third part of the main kit below the brushes where I plan to place my mini eyelash curler. :)  Isn’t it perfect??? Ohh... I so love it! The make/ finish and the quality of the brushes is fantastic. The size maybe a little compromise for those used to the regular size brushes but it’s a very practical travel option.

     Overall verdict – 4.5/5 (It loses 0.5 for the price)

     Quality of the brushes – 5/5

     Packaging – 5/5

     Price – 4/5 INR 1095/ - (I got it after 10% discount) so INR 986/-

     Availability – The Body Shop is one of the most accessible brands in bath and  body care at least in more big cities in India.