Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP, Gift Set , My Valentines Day Gift

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Valentines Days are very special and they become even more special when you get a gift that you have been longing for since eons. Well my better half or MisterBoPeep :) has always been an observant hubby. He identifies my new clothes / accessories and even notices what I keep blabbering about my wishlist/ lustlist. 

He knew I have looking for Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP since eons. It wasn't available in India. While other Victoria's Secret stuff was available Here Here  Here or Here.   This Valentines he very discretely requested his friend to get me my favorite Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP Gift set from Dubai. And tada..... on the even of 14th February 2014 he hands me over this gorgeous piece of desire saying "Happy Valentines Day, my love"  - (How adorable is that!!)

Coming to the contents of this lovely piece of love. Firstly enjoy the pics. Coz I couldn't take my eyes off it for a very long time. Its a beauuuuuutifulllllll thing to possess. 

The packaging is to die for. Lovely pink and silver box with pink ribbon. I am going to keep the box with me. Maybe make a DIY out if it or just keep it with me. You know keepsakes :) 

For Content and Price details scroll to the end of the post. 


Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP - 50ml

Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP - 7.5ml (miniature) 
Victoria's Secret Bombshell - Body Lotion - 100ml
Victoria's Secret Bombshell - Body Wash - 100ml

I will be reviewing the perfume / body lotion and body wash very soon in details like some of my other perfume review. 

Price: This gift set is available for Dirham 325 (Approx INR 5525) in Dubai . As a Valentines day offer it was available for Dirham 300 ( Approx INR 5100)

Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP - 100ml cost Dirham 325. For the same price I got so much more. I think its a steal. 

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Hope you liked the post. Do let me know your comments and how you like it.