Sunday, December 01, 2013

Review Bourjois Paris Easy Nail Art Kit, NOTD

I had been on a hunt for these silver or golden striping tape for ages now.  Every time I saw people doing magical nail art with these I envied them. 

One fine day while randomly window shopping at Westside I came across this kit from Bourjois. The SA tried hard to sell the stickers to me but I was sold to the  silver striping tape. Even before I checked the price I knew I am buying it. To add to the adrenal rush going through me the SA proclaims this was the last piece on the rack. Nothing could stop me now. I headed straight to the billing counter.

This kit contains:
  1. 1 roll of silver striping self adhesive tape 
  2. 1 stencil self adhesive sticker with 3 different designs with stripes, stars, triangles
  3. 1 strip of stickers with bows, cats,  stars, swallows.

The striping tape is of superb quality. Very thin that sticks well to the nail. Easy to use too. Just pull out, stick on and cut as per requirement. With a good top coat it lasted a good 3 to 4 days on my nails. Pls note my testing environment is a proper Indian Kitchen :)

The stencil is great for those perfect triangles and straight strip of colors. One needs to be careful in using it. Remember only thin coats of nail color at a time. Too thick coats tend to get sticky and leave messy edges. Take the strip off only once it's completely dry.

The stickers are of course a darling and the most easiest to use. Just peal and stick. It's tuff to take the stickers off the paper so use a sharp tool to make it easy. I used my scissors' pointy edge. They are really thin and you don't have to worry about the 3D effect stickers create.
Don't forget the top coat for long stay of these nail art buddies.

One is free to image what they could do with these wonderful nail art material. I tried a few as per the designs on the cover. Here is how it turned out. 

Overall for the price, INR 490 its a super deal.  I love it.

To buy it online click here Nykaa or Flipkart

Have you tried them?  What's your favourite nail art buddy?