Monday, March 03, 2014

Review Sleek Makeup Powder Blush in Rose Gold. Nars Orgasm Dupe

Rose Gold seems to be the color on my mind these days. I want so many things in that color. 

For Ex: Watch, Eyeshadow(I have one already. Read the review here),  Eyeshadow pallete- Naked 3 ofcourse, White Lehanga with RoseGold Border, Footwear to match, maybe a clutch, some artifacts for my home. And my list goes on. 

However my new found love is this Sleek Makeup Powder Blush in Rose Gold . Read more about it. 

Color : As the name suggests its a gorgeous pink and gold color powder blush. I would say the colors are wonderful together yet they could be identified differently. The cool pink has a lovely gold hue and the warm gold has hues of cool pink. The colors don't mix into each other and that is the uniqueness of this color. While the pink gives in the flush is youth on the skin, the gold gives in the glow of health. 

Texture and pigmentation : It's a very fine formula. Easily glides and blends on the skin. Pigmentation is decent. You will see it in the swatches below. 

Longetivity:  It stays a good 5-6 hours on me. The gold sheen stays on for a longer time comparatively. 

Packaging: Its a chic black rectangular plastic box with 8 gms of powder blush. 

Availability: I got mine from UK. But you may buy it Here

PS: Its a potential Nars Orgasm Dupe. Well I don't have one to prove it to you but Nars O is one color you can never forget.