Friday, February 28, 2014

Review OPI German-icure Nail Lacquer , NOTD

Colors trend as per age. From baby pinks as kids, to bright neons as teens, or reds for bridals and mauve/purple/maroons for 30+.

Oh....Oh.... Have I touched a sensitive topic? 

Well lets look at it like this. With age comes maturity and confidence. The confidence to carry a dark and intense color will come only with age. At the same time the teeny popper colors don't gel well with the grey hair. 

Well let me confess, I have found a new love for these dark color all of a sudden and I cant think of any thing else but me hitting the decade 3 of my life. All these year I had tagged these color "aunty colors" or "mummy colors". While my mom rocked them , inspite of my best efforts to sport them well I would hate them. 

With all these decade change drama I was on a look out for the true ox-blood red nail paint. And my hunt began. OPI then launched the German collection and my friend suggested this gorgeous OPI German-icure Nail Lacquer. You have to see it to believe how mind blowing this color is. Its is dark , really dark red , almost maroon but with light it reflects streaks of vibrant almost electric red.

The texture is a OPIs UPS (unique selling proposition) . You cant beat them in making fine nail lacquers. It spreads like a dream and dried up real quick. Gives a flawless effect. With a good 2-3 coats you can put the gel nail paints to shame. 

It lasts a good week on my nails with good top coat. 

Summing it up:

  • Color to die for.
  • Superb finish 
  • Dries quickly.
  • Long lasting

I got my piece from Nykaa for INR670. I know I had to pay a premium for it but the stuff was totally worth it. 

You may even try Flipkart for other awesome nail colors.