Sunday, September 08, 2013

Review - Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme – Sheer Cherry

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We all aspire to look like people who we label as beautiful or gorgeous. Our perspective of beautiful could be Aishwarya Rai’s Eyes, Jennifer Aniston’s Haircut, Deepika Padukone’s smile or may be Angelina Jolie’s Lips.

How to use.


Coming to lips, we all secretly desire full, plump or even bee stung lips. Well not all opt for going under the knife and looks for easier alternative that may be temporary in nature. So what are the temp options?? Makeup, Makeup and Makeup. Either its lip gloss or highlighter on cupid’s bow.

Very classy packaging. 

Well there is one more option that’s in between painful surgery and harmless make up. Yes, its Lips plumpers!!!! But the eternal question is, do they really work?? Let’s find out…..

Got it with the Vellvette Aug 13 box

In the Vellvette Box ( Bag ) August 2013 most of us got the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme . Mine is in the color Sheer Cherry. Like the name suggests it a very harmless looking sheer lipgloss with light reddish/ maroonish tint to it. But don’t forget it a lip plumper. It’s like a secret agent on a mission. It has more important task to do than just adding the shine to the lips.

I had heard that these plumpers sting mildly for a while but the results are fab. The sting gives you bee stung lips. So I wore on bare lips. And I felt I was attacked by a 1000 ants at a time on my lips. The sting was mild but very discomforting. I would take the pain but I certainly wanted to take it off. But I had to put it to test. Uffff…. So much for being a beauty blogger. It continued for a good 10 mins before it subsided.
But I must also tell you, strangely when I wore it again after a couple of days the sting was almost 1/4 compared to the first one. How?? Strange but that's the way it was.
Nice brush. Soft and supple.

Now the question is what was the result? Did I turn into Lara Croft? Well, certainly not. 

But to what degree does it plump up the lips. I would say 5 to 7% max. So for this minuscule result are you willing to take the pain? I think I can achieve this degree of plumpful ness with a good sheer gloss too. I am certainly not going through this pain for a difference that’s not really prominent.
The color is very average that every other drug store brand makes so that will not drive me to use it too. This is certainly out of my vanity.

The packaging is certainly very classy. I like the gold glam and the clear tube. The brush is of great quality , soft and picks the color easily.

What I like about Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme – Sheer Cherry?
  1. Nothing
  2. I love Sally Hansen for its nail care stuff.
What I don’t like about Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme – Sheer Cherry?
  1. I don’t like the sting. Certainly not worth the result.
  2. Color is very average.

This is how it looks on me. 
Overall rating: I don’t think I should rate it. This is purely my opinion. Some may find even the small result helpful. But it doesn’t work for me. 

Its a great product as a lip gloss , minus the sting for me. The packaging, the quality of gloss, the brush is great quality but the concept of lip plumper is void for me. To each its own. May work wonderfully for some and no no for other. Take your pick. 

Price: INR 775/- 6ml

Availability:  Don’t think it’s easily available in India yet.