Monday, July 01, 2013

My Vellvette Box/Bag June 13 - Disappointment

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The title of this post tells you my reaction to the Vellvette June13 Box/ Bag. Read on to find the details

  1. Velvette Bag ( Pink Pouch)
  2. Toni and Guy - Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner - Sample size 75ml
  3. LA Splash Liquid Liner in Golden Sea - Full Size
  4. Clinique Even Better makeup SPF 15 Even and Corrects - 4 sachets (I assume this is a foundation)
Vellvette Bag

Its a good size travel pouch. Spacious to carry most of my makeup / toiletries. The quality of the pouch is nice too. Its a waterproof material ideal for carrying any liquid products. The zipper and stitch quality is decent too. I love collecting these pouch and this adds to my collection. Nice tought of giving pouches instead of the boxes. These are more useful than those cardboard boxes. 

Toni and Guy  Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner 
Toni and Guy???? Hello Vellvette, we get these at small time beauty shops also these days. I have used almost all variant from Toni and Guy. I expect a non accessible brand. Not what I pick off the shelf. Not happening. 

LA Splash Liquid Liner in Golden Sea 

I like this vibrant , sparkly liquid liner. I am extremely happy with the color I got too. It the best color in the lot. It very me. I am sure to use it soon. Will review it separately. 

   Clinique Even Better makeup SPF 15 Even and Corrects 

   Clinique Even Better makeup SPF 15 Even and Corrects

Foundation?!?!? Don't they read the huge form we have filled for them? I DONT use a foundation at all. This is the second time Vellvette sends me a foundation. My Vellvette Box April13.

Details of the products

What I like about My Vellvette Box/Bag June 13:
  • The idea of a bag is great. Not too fancy but is very practical. 
  • LA Splash Liquid Eyeliner Color. Will review product in details later. 

What I dont like about My Vellvette Box/Bag June 13:

  • Disappointment No 1 : Order booked 19th June 2013. Box Received 1st July 2013. 
  • Disappointment No 2: I don't wear a foundation at all. And this is the second time I get a foundation from Vellvette. 
  • Disappointment No 3: The whole world got I Love - shower gels or Just Herb products as the third product. Where is mine??  
  • Disappointment No. 4: I had participated in their Lipnotize contest and it was announced that all the participants get an extra sampler in their box. I don't see any.