Monday, July 29, 2013

Coming Soon!! OMBRE!!

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Here is what is interesting me these days. Yes, its OMBRE!!

What I like about Ombre? I like the cascading colors. I like the way the colors are blending with each other. I like the fading effect it creates. 

Ombre Cake. I don't want to ruin this cake as much as I want to eat it :) 

Ombre Clothing. I had a favorite top of mine in Ombre. It faded from Dark pink to white, top. I loved the effect it created. Plus my bestie had gifted it to me. Senti, yes I am :) 

Ombre Eyes and Lips. Dont they look gorgeous? Its a work of art. Blending  the colours as  much as you want them to stand individually. Getting the right balance is the key. 

Ombre Hair. I really want to get one someday. The only thing I fear is the texture of my hair going bad. I have tried colouring earlier and I have paid a price for it. My hair is gorgeous in colour but lacks texture completely. What's your hair colouring experience? 

Ombre Nails are my most loved among the lot. I haven't tried it yet but will try and share my experience with you all very soon. What do think should be the colour combo I pick? 

What do you thing will be my COMING SOON Ombre series be? 

Drop in a comment.