Monday, May 06, 2013

Howards Storage World - Bangalore - Organise like never before.

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Are you a Organising freak?? Do you love to organise your pride possessions. Be it your clothes, jewellery or even kitchen?? Has this habit of organising things become a hobby. Do you spend hours organising and reorganising you wardrobe and dresser? 

You are my twin then. I dont leave a single chance to organise my stuff. And I am in a constant search of various organisers. Well in India, we have limited stores that sell these. HomeStop , HomeCenter and Home Town. We these are the ones easily accessible to all major cities. 

But Bangalore has this dedicated store for storage and organising stuff. Infact they have 2. One in Mantri Mall, Malleshwarm and second in Phoenix Market City, Whitefield Road. 

Its called Howards Storage World. Its an Australian company which specialises in storage stuff. I was in Bangalore last week and got a few pics for you all. This will give you an idea of what it is like. 

I couldn't click the pics in details. Ofcourse they didn't know I was sneaking the pics ;) The stuff that you get there are awesome and let me warn you , you may end up buying things that you don't really need but simply would love to own it. 


Window display

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Office desk organisers

Woollens and Sheets Organisers

For the walk in closets

Can dismantle this wardrobe

Kitchen utilities

Drawer organisers

Multi purpose storage boxes

I bought these 2 very useful things!
Wire caddy to keep the house wirefree

Mobile Holder while it charges