Thursday, February 21, 2013

Newspaper Nail Art and my experience

Photo courtesy Google.
I read this somewhere about News Paper prints on nails. I also checked the You Tube Tutorials. Excited I got Hydrogen Peroxide and got started. 
MissBoPeep Photo

Here is what happened. to my nails. 
MissBoPeep Photo
And here is what happened to my fingers. They turned white, patchy and I had tingling sensation on my fingers.
MissBoPeep Photo

Ofcourse I panicked! Then GOOGLE came to rescue again.Hydrogen Peroxide works like bleach and is just cleaning my skin. It collects itself under the dead cells. So hold your calm, wash your hands with soap and moisturise well. It will disappear in about half hour. Its a very safe chemical to use.

So don't freak and continue decorating your nails :)