Thursday, January 03, 2013

Semi-Annual Sale Commences!!!!

Semi-Annual Sale Commences!!!!

Donno if I have waited for anything else so eagerly. It comes every six months and then the vicious cycle of waiting for the next six months starts again. Not that I starve myself from indulging in the non sale period but I love the reason to shop – SALE!!!  

By this time I have almost finalised the list that I have been working on for the past 6 months. My essentials list, a must have list, good to have list, would love to have list, this one thing will not harm list. While I am waiting, fingers crossed, praying that all the things on my various lists are on offer, I get the most SMS, eMails, Mails reminding me, beckoning me, attracting me to it, and making me feel so important to them. I love the ego pampering too  

I have started hearing the voices already. Oh my lovelies here I come to you......

WestSide is usually the first to start their sale.

Lifestyle has great tie-ups with popular credit cards and on higher value purchase turns to be a great deal. 

Promod has some lovely party tops and accessories that come really cheap during sales. 
Who doesn't love sexy lingerie? Sale is a bonus.