Monday, March 10, 2014

Review Maybelline LipPOLISH - Glam 7

I know ....I know.... I know..... I am soooo late at putting up this post. Almost every other blogger must have already reviewed this product ( In almost every color available) . No no I am not in competition. I just share what I love with you guys. The idea of my blog is share my idea about the product and how it looks on me and how it may help you buy the stuff for yourself. 

Anyway coming back to product. I am absolutely in loveeeeee with this lip gloss. Its one of the best I have ever used. Please ...please ..please....Don't hate me for this but I like it more than MAC Lipdazzles too. I find them too sticky for my taste. And that a total put off for me. I cant stand sticky lip glosses. 

Read on for more information.... 

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK LipPOLISH by COLORsensational- Glam 7 is by far one of the best Indian drugstore lipgloss I have ever used. It's a superb mix of lipbalm + lipgloss + lipstick. It moisturizes the lips for a long time, glams up a shine on your lips as a gloss is supposed to do and leaves a lovely tint behind like a lipstick. Now that what I call a multi utility product. The best part of the product is it is not as sticky as a conventional lipgloss that can irritate me to bits. Just wear a sticky gloss and stand under a fan that's rotating like a mad maniac with your tresses open and you will know what I mean. 

Price - INR450/- 

You can buy them here: 

Nykaa   Jabong  Flipkart   Purplle

They have atleast 12-15 shades in this range. I chose the color Glam 7. Its a perfect coral color. Pinkish + Organish if I may call it. Its a great day wear. A no brainer and goes it almost anything. But can be great element to balance heavy evening eye makeup. The color naturally is very Spring/Summer apt. Its a great idea to own one now.  

The packaging is damn cute. It's a cute compact size bottle. Translucent bottle with silver top. It's great size to thrown in the purse. Plus for once I will finish my lipgloss. Its a record, I have never finish any in my lifetime. (Time to set new records I guess :P) . The applicator is cute doe foot shape. 

Salient features:
  • Super glossy 
  • Super moisturizing
  • Non Sticky
  • Leaves a tint behind
  • Cute tiny packaging
  • Decent pricing
  • Good variant of colors. 

I give it a good 4.5 / 5

Here is how it looks on me: 

Isn't it an adorable color. Its gorgeous soft , petal like. And the bonus is they are not sticky at all. I hate sticky lip glosses. 

Have you picked any color form this range??