Monday, November 04, 2013

DIY - Tutorial - Scarf for Tote deco. 5 Simple Steps

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Most of us are stuck with 2 problems. One, how do we pep up our boring totes and two, what do I do with the scarf that is endlessly lying my wardrobe. Simple, introduce them to each other and they will make a great couple. Read more for proof.

What do you need?
  1. A plain tote or bag
  2. Scarf - long one (Color coordinated) 
  3. Rubber band

Step 1 : Take a long scarf, preferably in a soft silken material, start pleating it at the horizontal ends. Similar to the one we make for our sari pleats. The smaller the pleats the better the effect of the flower. Something like this. 

Step 2 : Pleat the scarf at both the end and get them together. Like this. 

Step 3: Start twisting them at the center leaving the pleats at the end. Something like this. 

Step 4: Tie a knot around the Purse handle once you are done twisting it. Twisting will help you have a secure and small knot. 

Step 5: Get the two ends together and tie them up with a rubber band, preferably in the same or similar color of the scarf. And you are done. 

Here is the finished look. Simple isn't it? 

Try it and give your plain bad a touch of color and fun. Do share in your ideas of DIY with scarves. 

Hope you like it :)