Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Review MAC Cleanse off oil

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In a makeup enthusiasts life the hunt for a good make up remover is eternal. There is always a search for something better or sometimes it’s trying something new, ‘just like that’. I myself have tried many brands of makeup remover. From drugstore brands to hi-end product but I somehow did not get myself to buy a MAC Makeup Remover. Although over a dozen friends recommended it and beauty blogs raved about it.

My only question was why on earth I should buy a makeup remover for big bucks when I can get one for 1/8 the price too. But till then I had not used MAC Cleanse Off oil. What did I like about MAC Cleanse Off Oil?? Why did I buy it, in spite of the big price tag? Read on….

MAC Cleanse Off Oil is a super light oil based makeup remover. Note, it isn't the oil + water based makeup remover. It’s only oil that is very light in consistency. It isn't sticky at all but yet oily. It has a faint fragrance that lingers on. I kind of like that. It isn't the overbearing thing that makes your dizzy and not the boring non fragrant one too.

Coming to its performance, I must admit it’s one of the best makeup removers I have come across. It takes makeup off like a dream making the boring and tedious task of taking makeup off, after a long day, very effortless. One need not rub hard or soak in the makeup to take it off. Just a few light swipes and all traces of makeup a wiped off easily. It does leave the skin oily after use. It’s oil after all. However, a point that I must highlight here is whenever I use to remove my eye makeup, I end up with blur vision because of the oil. No doubt, eye makeup removing was never so easy in just a few swipes and so gentle but the oily residue in my eyes kind of irritates me. I need to wash my eyes off immediately after it. Well frankly I wouldn't mind if its gentle on my eyes and works brilliantly.

You have to see it and use it to believe it. I tried a small demo. Hope it helps to draw the point.

Top to Bottom - BB Cream , Eyeshadow, Glitter Eyeliner, Eye pencil, Gel Eyeliner, Lipstick. 

Quantity needed for cleaning. 2 pumps. 

Swipe 1

Swipe 2

Swipe 3

The packaging of the product is very classy, very MAC. Comes in a translucent plastic bottle with an attached pump. The pump can be opened and closed securely. Keeps the pump locked to avoid accidental spillage. Works perfectly for travels too. Well it may not be the desired size for a short travel but certainly good for long holidays with loads of makeup. The outer casing is made of white paper with MAC embossed on it. Stylish I must say. I have always loved MAC not only their products are to die for but their packaging are very attractive too.

What I like about MAC Cleanse off oil: 
  1. Takes all traces of makeup.
  2. Effortless to use. No rubbing and soaking.
  3. Light oil and not sticky at all.
  4. Mildly scented.
  5. Well packaged. Classy and practical. 

What I don’t like about MAC Cleanse off oil:

  1. Leaves a light oily residue that tends to blur eyes.
  2. It’s bloody expensive for a makeup remover.

Overall rating: 4.8/5

Price: INR 1600/- for 150ml

Recommendation: Certainly one of the best cleaning oils or makeup removers in the market. It’s light, fragrant and works like a dream. It comes with a larger price tag compared to other options in the market but it also stands apart from them in term of performance. Someone who uses makeup very religiously and needs a magic potion to take it off in zip zap zoom can certainly invest in this one. But somehow who enjoys once in a while makeup can opts for other economical options available. 

What was I using before MAC Cleanse Off Oil? It was H2O+ Dual Action Make Remover. You think a comparison is a good idea?? Do let me know.