Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ombre Lips 1 – Out to in - Tutorial

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Following my COMING SOON! Ombre post a couple of days ago. I have tried to create an Ombre inspired lip. 

This is #1 of the Series. More to come.

Here is the first Ombre Lips style - Out to in. 

The colours fade in from outer sides to the inner centre of the lips. 

Ok, let’s go step by step.

Things I used:

  • 1.       Colorbar Creme Touch Passionate
  • 2.       Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner pencil – Velvet Beige
  • 3.       MAC Prolong wear Lip pencil – More to Love
  • 4.       Vega Lip filler brush
  • 5.       Half Baked - Naked 2 Palette

Ok here we go:

Step 1:  Condition lips. Moisturise it well with your favourite lip balm. Exfoliate with a scrub or just use cotton swab and rub on the lips.

Step2: Line your entire lips with the darkest shape you chose for this look. Something like this. I used MAC Prolongwear More to love here.

Step3: Wear your second darkest color as the second layer on the inside of the lip. I used Colorbar Passionate. Blend away.

Step4: Wear your nude / beige color in the innermost layer of your lip. I am wearing Maybelline Color sensational Velvet Beige.

Step5: Dust golden shadow in the innermost layer / over the beige color. I used Half Baked from Naked2 Palette.

Here is the final look. Hope you like it. I think, this is very practical to wear this too. 

Final look

Have your tried Ombre Lips??