Monday, March 18, 2013

Review Nyx – Eyeshadow Base

If it isn’t the lesser known and less glorious things that always accompanies, the hero wouldn’t be hero enough. Sometimes these lesser known things are so important that the right impact cannot be created without it. Ok let me try and explains what I am getting at.

 In our all time favourite classic movie Sholay there was this character Rahim Chacha (AK Hangal – remember) Who kept saying... “Itna sannata kyun hain bhai?” and we had the Basanti who had a verbal diarrhoea. If it wasn’t these two weakling characters who Jay and Veeru had to save from Gabbar Singh , they wouldn’t be proclaimed the heroes. See how important the other lesser mortals are in the movie??

BTW who hasn’t watched Sholay yet?? Pls see the movie first then read this blog :P

For that matter how important is Shreyas Talpade in Om Shanti Om to hightlight the character of Shahrukh Khan. Socho socho...if he wasn’t the moron in the movie, Shahkrukh Khan chamakta kya??
Aaare when you make Pasta, poor, humble , bechaara basil and olive oil ka flavour aata hain na??

But when asked, what did you have for dinner tonight??? You stylishly say.... Spaghetti Gamberi e verdure as if we are right on the Amalfi Coast conversing with David Rocco :P
What about, we going to Kinaari Bazar in Old Delhi or to Manish Market near Crawford Market in Mumbai to buying our favourite kinaari / borders/ laces to make a replica of Sabyasachi or Manish Malhotra??

But when we get those lovely compliments, it’s always... “Wow, what a lovely sari! Where did you get it from?” (I could think of only Vidya Balloon ooopppsss Balan when it came to saris J )
Even when Sachin Tendulkar is belting centuries after centuries the whole world makes him a human God. Ofcourse he is a legend. 

But what about the supporting batsman at the other end of the crease helping Sachin get to his hundred??

Coming to the point. Hare ek cheez jaroori hota hain.

Now before you think I am writing a saga on the unsung heroes let’s talk about our not so popular friend who goes with us a long way. An eyeshadow primer. Its only the right canvas that allows us to paint the picture of our desire. I have found my friend in NYX – EyeShadow Base It comes in 3 colors, white , white pearl and skin color. I picked skin color which is more appropriate for yellow undertone Indian like me.

It’s almost my skin colored creamy texture in a small pot. It forms a wonderful layer under the eyeshadow. Since the color is skin color it blends well with the eyeshadow color, be it light or dark. Not sure how the white and white pearl would function. However I wish Nyx would do something about the packaging. As you may notice the pot is quiet deep and application with finger becomes difficult. One needs a brush or sponge to pick it up as you start using it. Else you would have it all in your nails. Eeewww...

What I like about the product:
1.       Works as a wonderful canvas for me to play an artist on my eyelids.
2.       Creamy texture holds the loose powder of the eyeshadow and prevents fallouts.
3.       Neutral color so blends well.
4.       Prevent from creasing.
5.       Make the color last longer.
6.       Extenuates the pigmentation of the color. You can see the difference in the pics below.

What I don’t like about the product:
1.       Packaging. (What were they thinking? They making some lip balm or what?)

Overall rating: 4.5/5 (0.5 for packaging)

Price – INR 550/-

Where I got it from:

Will I buy it again: Yes, if they change their packaging. Else I am changing them :P