Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Vellvette Box March 2013

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It's become a routine now. Waiting for the Vellvette box every month, but much unlike the PMS this brings in a lot of excitement and joy.

I was travelling the whole of last week and was wondering if my courier had returned back. I would google everyday to check if any blogger has posted what she got in her box and spotting none, would breathe a sigh of relief that its not couriered yet.

To my luck, I got back today and tadaaaaa.... I got my Vellvette box, I think telepathy works; for the longing I had or maybe mere coincidence, whatever it is I am elated.

Coming to what I got in this months box, I will try and review it a little differently this time. Based on my first thought and after thought. So here we go.

Here is the content list:
  1. Meiji - Amino Collagen Skin Glow  (7 days trial pack)
  2. Nyassa - Vanilla Dry Fruit Luxury Bar - 40 gms
  3. Remy Laure Paris - Eye Contour Relaxing Mask _ Eye Gel (one sachet each) 
  4. Nyx - Round Lip Gloss - Apricot 

Meiji - Amino Collagen Skin Glow  (7 days trial pack)

First reaction - What is this big box? Oh what are these little sachets? Some face mask? I was so excited about the box I could wait to read the whole thing. Finally I figured out its collagen mix to be had with any cold or hot beverage. 

Food supplement !?!?!?!?! You mean like those Herbalife thingy?? What on earth is wrong with Vellvette, will I get a weight loss product in my next box? How can I risk eating something I don't know. 

After thought - After a little reading online and going through the reading materials provided inside my nerves calmed. I said, lets try. After all Oprah Winfrey featured this on her show too :) I will give this a shot and come back with reviews. It better good or don't taste at all .

It has some fish product in it. So vegetarians you can "Tofa Tofa Tofa Tofa....... Laaya Laaya Laaya Laaya......" this to your friends. 

Nyassa - Vanilla Dry Fruit Luxury Bar - 40 gms

First reaction - Cute little thingy! I like Nyassa products. 

After thought - This looks like a new range for Nyassa. Never seen this soap around. Smells good too. Vanilla and Dry fruits should be working well on the smell sense and exfoliation on the skin. 

Remy Laure Paris - Eye Contour Relaxing Mask + Eye Gel (one sachet each) 

First reaction - Yeah kya hain. Why is this woman painted in black? Maybe something to do with Holi and how to remove the colors. LOL..... 

After thought - Oh teri!!! This is a relaxing mask and Eye Gel. Not for Holi but definately for the a relaxed holiday ;) 

I will certainly try it. I am a sucker for anything that relaxes, soothes and calms my nerves. Duhh...hyper me....

Nyx - Round Lip Gloss - Apricot 

First reaction - Yeppppiieeee........ Happy dance. 

After thought - Full size product of Nyx Lip Gloss. The color is called Apricot. Its orangey coral and super shiney. And how did Vellvette know I love anything that has anything to do with coral when it comes to makeup and clothes and accessories? So practically everything. 

Vellvette March Box- Overall

First reaction - This box smells good. How cute, they spray perfume on the boxes for us. Awww.... romantic na??? Food supplement did disappoint me at first glance. I was happy with Nyx Lip Gloss and the choice of color too. Nyassa is a safe bet, I will love it always. I started comparing it with the February box with 2 full sized products. 

After thought - I like the detailing with the perfume sprayed on the box. Collagen drink mix is not a bad idea after all. I will give it a try for sure. Nyx Lip Gloss and Nyassa soap are the winners for the month. Remy Laure you so chotu sa but the best things come in small packages so waiting try it out. The discount coupons are a bonus everytime.