Thursday, January 31, 2013

Race2 - Cat Eyes/Nude Lips - Tanishq IvA range

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Race 2 was one of those movie I would plan to go for but it would just happen.

Since it got  monotonous, senseless and predictable within the first 15-20 mins into the movie, I did what I do best. Observe make-up and fashion.
While all the characters in the movie have the fab chiselled bod to show off the make up of the power ladies Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez  is all about cat eyes and Nude Lips.

Jacqueline is this super hot arm candy to John Abraham who is quiet sporty. Shows off her archery and fencing skills to lure Saif Ali Khan. While is sporting a cat eye in most of the scenes , we even spot her lips and cheeks painted often. I think Jackie baby needs to go a little subtle be it make up or relationship. (I freaked when I heard she is going around with Sajid Khan)

Deepika had a lovely sun kissed nude look in most of the movie. It would go well with the location of Istanbul where most of the movie was shot. There are a lot of beaches , yatches and bikinis

The clothes are fab and very well styled. I particularly like the bang on Jacqueline (Photo above). Tanisq has launched its new collection IVA in this movie. 

Note: - I don't own these pics. Courtesy google.