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We all will agree how much we miss a Sephora in India. So my every international travel itinerary has a visit to Sephora. In my latest trip to France – birth place of Sephora, where most of its stores are nothing less than a huge shopping mall itself. (Imagine how awestruck I was).  This time I decided to buy the inhouse brands of Sephora. I picked some amazing stuff. Will share the reviews of them one by one. To start with here is Sephora – Triple Action Cleansing Water – Makeup By Gone.
BTW – I have some good news to share at the end of the post for you all!!

About the product:
Sephora – Triple Action Cleansing Water standing true to its name actually has water like consistency.
Triple Action 
1.       Removes make up (face and eyes)
2.       Cleanses impurities
3.       No need to rinse. Cleanses in one gesture.
Being smitten by makeup and cosmetics, I have used almost all the possible makeup removers as a daily routine. However this product definitely stands apart.
What I like about this product:
1.       One makeup remover for  face and eyes
2.       Leaves no oily residue ( I often hated my other makeup removers for it)
3.       Superb packaging. Has a chalice like snout attached to the pump. Just press the chalice /with a cotton pad or ball. No pouring business.
4.       Requires small quantity. 2 pumps for the entire face.
5.       Smells good. Floral top note.
6.       Value for money.

What I dont like about this product: That it’s not easily available in India yet.
Overall Verdict – A+
Rating –Product 5/5 , Packaging 5/5 , Value 5/5
Price-Euro 7.50 (Approx INR 525)
Will I buy it again? - Most certainly
Recommendation – Sephora – Triple Action Cleansing Water – Makeup By Gone is a very good product. Highly recommended. Good Value for money and does its job superbly well. Available at all Sephora stores. Not sure if you get it online delivered to India. Comes in 3 packaging 50ml , 150ml and 400ml. I picked a 150ml bottle with the chalice pump.

Good News!!!! – Sephora is opening soon at Delhi – Select City Walk. Yeppppiieeeee!!!!!