Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review-Faces –Long Wear Eye Pencil – Turquoise Blue

Review-Faces –Long Wear Eye Pencil – Turquoise Blue

“How can the movie  ‘My name is Khan’ be an inspiration to an eye pencil”? – That’s me thinking aloud. The movie wasn't all that great shakes (Sorry SRK Fans). KJo used the right formula to a block buster hit. The Dance, drama, emotion and phoren (foreign)location.  What I loved about the movie was one, San Francisco Bay – Oh love that place. It’s one US city that beckons me. Two,  Kajol’s hazel eyes underlined with turquoise blue eyeliner.

And there was my inspiration to my hunt once again for the perfect blue for my not hazel but dark brown eyes. I have a couple of shades of blue with me. Like the Electric blue eye liner from Diana of London and Sephora Nano EyePencil in Sapphire Blue(Almost like Mac Siahi – gel eyeliner color). 

But I came across the right shade I was looking for at Faces –Long Wear Eye Pencil – Turquoise Blue.

Swatch- Faces - Long Wear - EyePencil- Turquoise Blue. 

My eye-liners in blue.
Bottom left - Electric Blue by  Diana  of London.
Bottom right - Sephora  -Nano EyePencil - Sapphire Blue.
Top center - Faces - Long Wear - EyePencil- Turquoise Blue. 

What I liked about the product?
  • -          Color
  • -          Smooth application
  • -          Stays put(Doesn’t budge. No smearing)
  • -          Price
  • -          Slight shimmer (Right amount of bling)

What I don’t like about the product?
  • -          Slightly fades away at the waterline(for obvious reasons but this can be ignored)

Price – INR 250/

Where I got it from? – Faces – Phoenix Mill Compound, Grand Galleria – Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Will I buy it again? – Maybe. This will last me for a long till.

You guys think I need the hazel contact lens to get the Kajol look? How about some acting lessons? ;)