Monday, July 29, 2013

Vellvette Box July 2013

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Expectations reduce joy - Sri Sri 

Has this happened to you? Whenever you have expected things your way, you have ended up getting the worst it has and when when there are least exceptions from something, it surprises you with a bounty of pleasantries . 

Monthly subscription of Vellvette Box is exactly the same. Its a the game of surprises, goodies, expectations, anxiety, happiness and disappointment. 

After being thoroughly disappointed with the Vellvette Box June, my expectation from the July box was not much. Today, I got my Vellvette Box and viola!!! What a lovely surprise!! I loved the content. I like the personalisation in this box. What disappointed me in the last box was the lack of personalisation. They sent me foundations in two consecutive boxes, when I don't use them at all. But this time they included a blue mascara the box which is very me. I hope its not a coincidence and Vellvette is actually getting to know me :) (Talk about customer service demanding that I am) 

Coming to the Box this July. 

The box as I unwrapped it from the courier envelope. They are bag to their boxes . I loved the pouch last month. Very utilitarian and cute I must say. 

I like the cute personalised note that is sent with every box. 

Very well packed. 2 products we packed in bubble wrap. Very thoughtful to make the products survive till my door step. 
Product Info and how to use them. 

Here are the contents of the box this July. 

Here is what I got.

  1. Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails, Cuticle Crème (Full size)
  2. LA Splash Mascara - Royal Blue (Full Size) 
  3. I Love.... Rasberries and Blackberries - Shower gel (100 ml)
  4. Bonus: Bling Nail Appliqués - No.17 (18 stickers) 

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails, Cuticle Crème. I have always loved Sally Hansen products. They understand your hands, nails and feet best. I already use any of their products from nail colors, top / bases coats to Instant Cuticle remover. I was thrilled to get this hand, nails and cuticle cream. I am sure as usual they are going to a delight to use. However will post a full review soon. 

I love..... Raspberry & Blackberry Shower Gel smells very very yummy. This product was sent to the rest of the world last month but I got it this month. Why?!?!?!... Anyway I am loving the smell. Let me use it to test it. 

La Splash - Mascara in Royal Blue. Deep down I always wanted to try a coloured Mascara but never ever gathered myself to try it. I was happy to get this. I am certainly trying this darling. Yes, you guys will get to see it very soon. 

Bling Nails Appliqués.  I must at least half a dozen times walked to the Loreal counter and checked these stickers. But somehow I never ever picked them. For various reasons, I had read that they don't work very well on the nails. I heard it are irritating on the nails. I also like to the traditional way of painting my nails. Plus the price never allowed me to indulge in this. 
Ahhh.. I real reason could be that this Bling Stickers was coming to me!!! 

My overall verdict of this box. Very satisfied. I am liking my box very much. I saw the Body Mist from Nyassa being sent to many. Well, but I don't think I am missing much :) 

What is in your Vellvette Box this July?