Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review MAC Dark Side , Swatches , LOTD

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Winters are in and fashion takes a totally different turn. From bright yellows and oranges we head to deeper and darker colors. Sea blue / green, lemony yellows gets replaced by burgundy, grey and berries.

I got a winter tote from Zara for the winters. Check my post here ( I know it’s an oxymoron to even mention winter when you live in Mumbai. But we Mumbaikars love the thought of Mumbai getting cooler by even a couple of degrees and celebrate it ;P)

Now it was time for a lippie for the season. Time to head the Mecca ooopppsss MAC. I did my reading online on different MAC lippies from the regular range that are the apt berry shades. I shortlisted it to 2 colors that would be almost the color I had in mind. That’s MAC Diva in matte formula and MAC Dark Side in amplified formula. MAC Diva is a great color but winters dry lips and matte are not the best of combos, you know it. Also this color was more or less looking like MAC Viva Glam 1, which I already have, just a little less red. It could be the same formula that makes them look similar. So then my focus shifted to MAC Dark Side. This is in amplified formula that gives full coverage, super pigmented and it’s creamy. Best of both the worlds. Needless to say the color is to die for.

MAC Dark Side is a gorgeous dark berry shade with pink, red and black base. It’s a light blue undertone to it. What I like the most about such colors is that they can be worn in more than one ways.  Have you seen this Lisa Eldridge – Video where she talks about wearing a Tom Ford - Black Orchid Lipstick ( I will get it someday) in 5 different ways. Like a stain, like a blush, just like that or with gloss. (Link below)

When worn like a stain it leave this gorgeous color that looks like you have just eaten some fresh berries. With high gloss one is definite to make heads turn. And it can be worn just like that any time.

The formula is superb. The pigmentation is the best among the MAC formulas. It stays on for good, simply doesn’t budge, yet fades very evenly. It creamy so works very well for winters. Gives full coverage to the darkest of lip pigmentation. The creamy texture also creates the glossy effect that gives fuller lips effect.

Packaging is usual MAC. I will not write and bore you all. I am sure you guys are more interested in the color and its performance.

So I am going to promptly wear my wollens, hold my brown leather Zara Tote , wear my MAC Dark Side lippie and set the air conditioner to 16 degree. Well that’s winters in Mumbai, people. Hahaha… what an anti climax.

All the lovely girls who live in places where there are real winters, lucky you! I am sure you will enjoy MAC Dark Side more.

What is your favorite fall/winter lipstick? 

Here is the Lisa Eldridge Video I was talking above.