Monday, May 13, 2013

Review Lush Angles on bare skin - Facewash

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I told you my story of buying Lush Godiva. Me being me, I had to get freebies or samplers with my purchase. I asked the SA their for a good fachwash for dry skin like mine. He suggested Lush Angels on Bare Skin. 

Lush Angels on bare skin

Lush claims its as simple as its name. Ancient blend of pure ingredients.. Worldwide bestseller. It improves the texture and health of the skin. 

Details of the product.

The ingredients:
Ground Almond, Glycerine, Kaolin, Water, Lavender Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tagetes Oil, Benzon Resinod, Lavender Flowers, Limonene, Linalool. 

Since mine was a sampler I got a tiny bit of it. Just about 16gms. I just need very little quantity. 

That's the quantity you need

I take a small quantity and sprinkle a few drops of water , make a smooth paste of it and then apply on the face. Give a nice massage for about 30 secs and then rinse it off.

The texture of the facewash is not very very smooth as it has a few granules in it. This granules act as exfoliators and remove the dead skin.

Without doubt is its Lush it has to have strong fragrances. This smells a mix of so many things mainly lavender and almond. I must say it smells edible :) 

It leaves the skin smooth and hyderated as it claims. But not hydrating enough for my skin. My skin becomes squeaky clean, baby bum soft after the use but after sometime my skin asks for moisturiser. I find it great to wash of my makeup too. As it leaves the skin really clean. 
You see the mashed almond in it and other natural stuff in it

Packaging is the the usual Lush , comes in black boxes and as per the quantity I want. Minimum 100 gms I guess. 

What I like about Lush Angels on Bare Skin Facewash:
  • Gives squeaky clean faces
  • Leaves soft and supple skin.
  • Smells wonderful
  • Full of natural stuff so you believe it may be good for you. 
What I don't like about Lush Angels on Bare Skin Facewash:
  • Could be more hydrating. 
Overall rating: 4.8/5

Price : 585/- 100 gms ( very expensive for a fashwash)

Will I repurchase: Not sure. 

Where did I get it from: Lush store , Bangalore.